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A.K.Benedict Author
A K Benedict writes crime and speculative fiction in a room filled with clowns, mannequins and Doctor Who figures. Her first novel, The Beauty of Murder, was nominated for an eDunnit award and is in development for a major 8-part TV series by Company Pictures....
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Adachitoka Author
AdachiToka is the mash-up pen name for two female artists: Adachi draws the foreground characters and Tokashiki draws the backgrounds. They have previously worked on Alive, which was published in the US by Del Rey Manga.
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Anonymus Author
Born in the north of England, the author of THE BOY WHO SAW TRUE chose to remain anonymous and would only allow his diary to appear several years after his death, with the stipulation that the original spellings were to remain and some of the names be changed. His...
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Ant Author
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ANZ Author
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