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Revolution In The Head
Revolution In The Head Ian MacDonald
This extraordinary work of popular criticism provides the story behind every single Beatles song ever recorded. Unprecedented and unparalleled.
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Magnum Russell Miller
'The best account of the reality of photo-journalism I have ever read. . An ultra-enjoyable book. . . sheer delight. ' John Simpson, Daily Telegraph.
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Augustus John
Augustus John Michael Holroyd
The revised and updated biography of the British painter, drawing on the mass of new material which has come to light since Holroyd's first edition in 1974, revealing the complete story of John and his circle, from one of the greatest modern biographers.
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Gwen Raverat
Gwen Raverat Frances Spalding
A fascinating portrait of Darwin's granddaughter, a key figure in the artistic and intellectual worlds of Cambridge and Bloomsbury.
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The Game Of War Andrew Hussey
The first full biography of Guy Debord - artist and revolutionary, charlatan and alcoholic, implicated in the events of May 1968 and European terrorism, influence on the Sex Pistols and Damien Hirst.
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American Century
American Century Harold Evans
America's story as it has never been told before - and an inspiring perspective on the most momentous century in modern history.
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Give The Anarchist A Cigarette
Give The Anarchist A Cigarette Mick Farren
A superb memoir by a key member of the 1960s and '70s counterculture in Britain
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Nikolaus Pevsner
Nikolaus Pevsner Susie Harries
The definitive and authorised biography, based on exclusive access to diaries and personal correspondence, as well as the professional archive and the working papers for Pevsner's landmark series, The Buildings of England.
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Duncan Grant
Duncan Grant Frances Spalding
The first ever biography of Duncan Grant - one of the best known names in the British art scene and the most charismatic member or the Bloomsbury set.
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A View Of Delft
A View Of Delft Anthony Bailey
'In clear and graceful English, Anthony Bailey presents all that can be known and much that can be guessed about this miraculous painter and his small but active world of Delft. The scholarship is deep; the response to the paintings sensitive, crisp and fresh.' John Updike
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Sketches In Pen And Ink
Sketches In Pen And Ink Vanessa Bell
A rare Bloomsbury treat: delightful, candid and unique autobiographical writings by Vanessa Bell, in an attractive volume illustrated with her own woodcuts and drawings, with an introduction by her daughter Angelica Garnett and an essay on Vanessa Bell's art.
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A Life Of Picasso Volume I
A Life Of Picasso Volume I John Richardson
The first volume of John Richardson's extraordiinary biography of Picasso
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Those Twentieth-Century Blues Michael Tippett
The autobiography of Britain's greatest living composer is as idiosyncratic as the man himself, revealing his insatiable curiosity about people and places, ideas and sensations, and music of every kind. Vigorous, brave, funny, candid about his sexual and emotional life, Sir Michael has written a remarkable, memorable book.
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Big Jim Mark Girouard
The first major biography of James Stirling, one of the world's greatest modern architects - an intimate portrait of the man and a critical assessment of his work.
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The Pimlico Dictionary Of 20th Century Composers
The Pimlico Dictionary Of 20th Century Composers Mark Morris
An invaluable reference book - a comprehensive survey of the entire field of twentieth-century music in the classical Western tradition, for newcomers and experts alike.
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Jazz Geoffrey C. Ward
A real gem - the history of jazz, beautifully illustrated with more than 200 illustrations
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Power And Imagination Lauro Martines
The definitive work on power relationships within Renaissance Italy. Social history rather than yet another examination of cultural artefacts.
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The Russian Century Brian Moynahan
'A brilliant account of the history of Russia's terrible century, from the last years of the doomed Romanovs, the decades of Communist tyranny and the war with Germany, through the Cold War and thaw, glasnost, perestoika, to the uneasy present. ' HERALD
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Pictures on a Page Harold Evans
Not only a collection of great photographs - PICTURES ON A PAGE presents first-hand accounts of how photography has given shape to key moments in modern history.
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The Story Of The Blues
The Story Of The Blues Paul Oliver
The great classic history of American Blues, now in a new format and with a new introduction, and retaining 100 photographs from the author's unique collection.
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