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Lancelot 'Capability' Brown
Lancelot 'Capability' Brown Jane Brown
The first fully-rounded biography of Lancelot 'Capability' Brown, the genius who created the English landscape garden.
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Wilfred Owen
Wilfred Owen Jon Stallworthy
A revised and updated edition of Jon Stallworthy's prize-winning and classic biography of the great World War One poet, Wilfred Owen.
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All The King's Women
All The King's Women Derek Wilson
Full of incident and anecdote, this popular narrative history focuses on the crucial involvement in politics and pleasure of a group of women in the back-biting, gossip-ridden world of the Stuart Court.
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In The Lion's Court
In The Lion's Court Derek Wilson
A gripping narrative of daily intrigue and power politics at the court of Henry VIII.
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Friedrich Nietzsche
Friedrich Nietzsche Curtis Cate
A brilliant new biography of one of the world's greatest and most controversial philosophers.
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Himself And Other Animals
Himself And Other Animals David Hughes
`David Hughes's portrait rings absolutely true; reading this book is uncanny because he manages to bring Gerry so vividly back to life. . . Durrell's life was a combination of great pleasure and great desperation, and this portrait of him perfectly captures these extremes, which pull you along in their wake. ' Edward Whitley, LITERARY REVIEW
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The Italian Boy
The Italian Boy Sarah Wise
A fascinating historical investigation that brilliantly illuminates a macabre episode in 1830s London and brings the capital's underclass roaring back to life.
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A Rumor Of War
A Rumor Of War Philip Caputo
The original Vietnam memoir and a great classic of war literature with a new introduction from Kevin Powers – 40th Anniversary Edition
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Lytton Strachey
Lytton Strachey Michael Holroyd
A work of genius, acknowledged as a landmark in contemporary biography now completely revised and rewritten to tell the FULL story of Strachey, Dora Carrington and Bloomsbury which previous could not be told.
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Augustus John
Augustus John Michael Holroyd
The revised and updated biography of the British painter, drawing on the mass of new material which has come to light since Holroyd's first edition in 1974, revealing the complete story of John and his circle, from one of the greatest modern biographers.
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Gwen Raverat
Gwen Raverat Frances Spalding
A fascinating portrait of Darwin's granddaughter, a key figure in the artistic and intellectual worlds of Cambridge and Bloomsbury.
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Edith Wharton
Edith Wharton Hermione Lee
A rich and powerful new life of a great novelist. The first biography by a British woman writer, it overturns the accepted view, displaying her as a tough, erotically brave, startlingly modern writer. Much more than the biography of Wharton for our generation - it is a touchstone in the art of the biographer, a must for everyone who cares about the period.
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A Bright Shining Lie
A Bright Shining Lie Neil Sheehan
'Superb. If you ever read just one history of the Vietnam war, read and admire and celebrate this one. ' John le Carre
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The Life Of Graham Greene Volume 1
The Life Of Graham Greene Volume 1 Norman Sherry
'Probably the best biography ever written of a living author.' Philip French, Listener
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The Life Of Graham Greene Volume Two
The Life Of Graham Greene Volume Two Norman Sherry
A chronicle of the most tumultuous and productive years of Graham Greene's life. 'As close as we will ever get to the man.' J. G. Ballard, The Times
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Downing Street Diary
Downing Street Diary Bernard Donoughue
One of the most extraordinary political diaries of modern times. An intimate and often explosive account of life at the heart of Harold Wilson's government.
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Napoleon Frank McLynn
'A brilliant biography which will surely become a classic life of Napoleon.' The Times
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The Game Of War Andrew Hussey
The first full biography of Guy Debord - artist and revolutionary, charlatan and alcoholic, implicated in the events of May 1968 and European terrorism, influence on the Sex Pistols and Damien Hirst.
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Within Reason
Within Reason Margaret Gullan-Whur
The first biography in a generation of one of the most influential thinkers in the history of philosophy. Written with impressive skill and confidence. . . . Insight and scholarship give this biography an honoured place, if not eternity, than at least for several decades to come. - SUNDAY TELEGRAPH.
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The Life of Graham Greene Volume Three
The Life of Graham Greene Volume Three Norman Sherry
The final volume in the hugely acclaimed biographical trilogy.
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