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Give The Anarchist A Cigarette
Give The Anarchist A Cigarette Mick Farren
A superb memoir by a key member of the 1960s and '70s counterculture in Britain
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The Workhouse Norman Longmate
'A readable and impressively-researched history of the workhouse-comprehensive and moving.' Punch
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The Money And The Power
The Money And The Power Sally Denton, Roger Morris
The shadowy past and present of Las Vegas - and its role in the shaping of today's America - are here revealed as never before by two of America's leading investigative reporters.
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Globalisation In World History
Globalisation In World History A G Hopkins
A provocative and illuminating collection of essays that is the first to look at the major theme of globalization from an historical perspective.
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The Most Powerful Idea in the World
The Most Powerful Idea in the World William Rosen
An enthralling and accessible history of the invention which transformed the world: steam power
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1759 Frank McLynn
A remarkable new book on a crucial moment in British and world history.
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East Asia Arthur Cotterell
'Richly informative...illuminating and valuable' - Times Literary Supplement
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Alan Moorehead
Alan Moorehead Tom Pocock
'A perceptive and fascinating account of an exceptionally talented man' - Scotland on Sunday
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The Dark Valley
The Dark Valley Piers Brendon
A worldwide survey of the 1930s - popular history of breathtaking scholarship and scope.
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Rupert Hart-Davis Philip Ziegler
A biography of one of the 20th century's greatest men of letters.
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The People's Music Ian MacDonald
Selected journalism by the author of REVOLUTION IN THE HEAD
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The City Of London Volume 1
The City Of London Volume 1 David Kynaston
The first ever comprehensive history of the City: volume one of a three-volume work covering the period from 1815 to the Big Bang.
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The City Of London Volume 2
The City Of London Volume 2 David Kynaston
The second volume of David Kynaston's critically acclaimed history of the City, this is a fascinating journey into the financial heart of London through the golden years, 1890- 1914.
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The City Of London Volume 4
The City Of London Volume 4 David Kynaston
In this culminating volume of his universally acclaimed history, David Kynaston leads us through the dramatic post-war years, from derelict bomb-sites to shimmering skyscrapers.
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Magnum Russell Miller
'The best account of the reality of photo-journalism I have ever read. . An ultra-enjoyable book. . . sheer delight. ' John Simpson, Daily Telegraph.
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