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A Void
A Void Georges Perec
‘There is not a single E in this novel. That’s right: no here, there, where, when; no yes, no love, no sex!’ New York Times Book Review
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Head Hunters
Head Hunters Michel Crespy
Frenetic, ingenious and totally up-to-the-minute, Head Hunters is the first thriller to prise open the competitive jungle of the corporate world.
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Monsieur Malaussene
Monsieur Malaussene Daniel Pennac
Continuing in the tradition of the first four, highly acclaimed novels of the "Belleville Quintet" this is a slick and funny thriller with fast-paced action and larger-than-life characters.
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Imago Eva-Marie Liffner
A complex, ambitiously constructed novel evoking the history of a tiny but hotly contested fragment of northern Europe's coastal landscape.
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Empire of Wolves
Empire of Wolves Jean-Christophe Grange
A potent mix of thriller, politics and science set in Paris' Turkish quarter by a bestselling French master of suspense.
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Sun And Shadow
Sun And Shadow Åke Edwardson
Meet Erik Winter: not a stereotypically glum detective. The youngest chief inspector in Sweden, he wears sharp suits, cooks gourmet meals, has a penchant for jazz and is about to become a father.
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Passionfruit Daniel Pennac
Quintessential Pennac; readers of his novels will find here the wry prose and wittily inventive plotting that characterise his fiction.
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Silence Of The Grave
Silence Of The Grave Arnaldur Indridason
Downtrodden detective Erlendur and his team must once again investigate Reykjavík's hidden past to unravel a case of human nastiness. Alive with tension and atmosphere and disturbingly real, this is an outstanding continuation of the Reykjavík Murder Mysteries
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The Case Of The General's Thumb
The Case Of The General's Thumb Andrey Kurkov
An international thriller, shot through with black satire and authentic detail, by the author of the highly acclaimed Death & the Penguin.
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Camera Eva-Marie Liffner
'Liffner's distillation of old evils and new insight is evocative, potent and memorable-her book is original, unsettling and quite brilliant' Literary Review
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Innocence Pierre Magnan
'Unsettling and full of unexpected surprises...a thoroughly satisfying narrative' Jerome Begle, Figaro
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The Sea-Crossed Fisherman
The Sea-Crossed Fisherman Yashar Kemal
A tale of greed, hatred and decay from Turkey's legendary novelist Yashar Kemal
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Scapegoat Daniel Pennac
A strange and wonderful tale of pursuit, oozing Pennac's unique imaginative vigour.
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The Undying Grass
The Undying Grass Yashar Kemal
The concluding volume of Kemal's much acclaimed The Wind from the Plain trilogy, from the Nobel-nominated Turkish master
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The Dogs of Riga
The Dogs of Riga Henning Mankell
It is winter and Inspector Kurt Wallander receives an anonymous tip-off; two days later, a life raft washes up on a beach, in it lie two men, both shot dead
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The Man Who Smiled
The Man Who Smiled Henning Mankell
'The master of the long dark night' Crime Time
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Day After Day Carlo Lucarelli
Ispettore Grazia Negro tracks down another faceless killer in this intelligent sequel to the CWA Gold Dagger Award-shortlisted ALMOST BLUE.
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Almost Blue Carlo Lucarelli
'A compact and powerful masterpiece' GuardianSHORTLISTED FOR CWA GOLD DAGGER AWARD
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Don't Look Back
Don't Look Back Karin Fossum
'[From] Norway's Queen of crime-an engaging-atmospheric thriller' Daily Mail
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He Who Fears the Wolf
He Who Fears the Wolf Karin Fossum
'As yet, the crime novels of Karin Fossum are something of a well-kept secret, known to a growing band of aficionados but not to the larger crime readership. In fact, Fossum's highly atmospheric and involving books are among the best being produced in the genre today. Don't Look Back was a psychological thriller that was both economical and forceful, and He Who fears the Wolf is an even more persuasive piece of writing. Like the best of Ruth Rendell, this is a dark and unsettling novel...' Barry Forshaw, Crime Time
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