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The Serious Business Of Small Talk
The Serious Business Of Small Talk Carol Fleming
For a lucky few, light conversation at parties and social events is a breeze. For the rest of us, there is Carol Fleming (bestselling author of It's the Way You Say It), who breaks even the shortest bit of small talk into an understandable process that anyone can master.
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The Shift
The Shift Kimberly White
A vivid depiction and real-world example of the personal and institutional impact of the Arbinger Insititute's transformative ideas (Leadership and Self-Deception; 1.4 million copies sold) within a healthcare organization--The Plum Healthcare Group nursing homes. In general, nursing homes are scorned healthcare institutions--but it was in these transformed Plum homes that Kimberly White discovered a new way of "seeing" people and underwent her own personal transformation. Both Plum and White shifted their perspective and mindset based on their adoption of The Arbinger Institute's basic principles.
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On The Brink Of Everything
On The Brink Of Everything Parker Palmer
From beloved and bestselling author Parker J. Palmer (Let Your Life Speak, The Courage to Teach, Healing the Heart of Democracy), comes a beautiful book of reflections on what we can learn as we move closer to "the brink of everything."
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The Age of Overwhelm
The Age of Overwhelm Laura van Dernoot Lipsky
Whether we are overwhelmed by work or school, our families or communities, engagement in social justice, environmental advocacy or civil service, caretaking for others or ourselves, there are many ways that overwhelm impacts our ability to show up and make our way through the world. Laura van Dernoot Lipsky, bestselling author of Trauma Stewardship, takes on the state of overwhelm engulfing so many people in our local and global communities and offers Overwhelmed to provide the guidance we need to sustain for the long haul.
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