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The Ugly Renaissance
The Ugly Renaissance Alexander Lee
Featuring the beauties of Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, combined with the dark and hidden side of the Renaissance, by an acclaimed historian and expert in the period.
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What's in a Surname?
What's in a Surname? David McKie
A brilliant journey through the nation's surnames
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Watching War Films With My Dad
Watching War Films With My Dad Al Murray
Al Murray's (AKA The Pub Landlord) musing on his childhood where his fascination with history and all things war began.
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The New Yorker Book of the 50s
The New Yorker Book of the 50s
The cultural and political history of the 1950s, as told by the New Yorker.
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The New Yorker Book of the 60s
The New Yorker Book of the 60s No Author Details
The next instalment in the acclaimed New Yorker 'decades' series featuring an all-star line-up of historical pieces from the 1960s alongside new pieces by current New Yorker staffers.
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The Taste of Ashes
The Taste of Ashes Marci Shore
Shore … writes first rate reportage in these cool-eyed but warm-hearted dispatches from the former Soviet bloc. Independent
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Spitalfields Dan Cruickshank
Two thousand years of English history in one neighbourhood
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Raw Concrete
Raw Concrete Barnabas Calder
A unique guide to architecture, and a radical, personal and entertaining appraisal of eight of Britain's most controversial buildings
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Hanns and Rudolf
Hanns and Rudolf Thomas Harding
THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER The extraordinary true story of the Jewish investigator who pursued and captured one of Nazi Germany’s most notorious war criminals.
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A Broken World
A Broken World
Edited by the bestselling author of Birdsong and Dr Hope Wolf, this is an original and illuminating non-fiction anthology of writing on the First World War.
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Sisters Barbara Mortimer
In the bestselling tradition of Call the Midwife, the incredible true stories of British nurses in WWII, as told by the nurses themselves.
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King John
King John Marc Morris
Marc Morris’s new bestseller: the definitive and brilliantly compelling biography of the treacherous and tyrannical King John. Published in the run-up to the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta and written by a historian at the top of his game.
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Willoughbyland Matthew Parker
From the Sunday Times bestselling author of Goldeneye and The Sugar Barons comes Willoughbyland – the untold story of England’s lost colony: a seventeenth-century tale of empire, El Dorado and violent rebellion, of spies, trickery and forbidden love.
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A Stain in the Blood
A Stain in the Blood Joe Moshenska
A revelatory new history of the seventeenth-century world through the life of one of the greatest Englishmen who ever lived.
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The Great War
The Great War Isobel Charman
Accompanying an all-star ITV series, The Great War: The People's Story gives an incredibly personal perspective on the First World War, both at home and at the front, by vividly reconstructing the experiences of individuals through their diaries and letters.
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When Daddy Came Home
When Daddy Came Home Barry Turner, Tony Rennell
Compelling and moving real-life accounts of the impact on family life of the return of the troops at the end of the Second World War.
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When the Facts Change
When the Facts Change Tony Judt
A great thinker's final testament: a characteristically wise and forthright collection of essays from the author of Postwar and Thinking the Twentieth Century, spanning a career of extraordinary intellectual engagement. Edited and introduced by Jennifer Homans.
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The Monuments Men
The Monuments Men Robert M. Edsel
Now a major film starring GEORGE CLOONEY, MATT DAMON, CATE BLANCHETT, BILL MURRAY, JOHN GOODMAN, HUGH BONNEVILLE, BOB BALABAN, JEAN DUJARDIN and DIMITRI LEONIDAS. What if I told you that there was an epic story about World War II that has not been told, involving the most unlikely group of heroes? And now a New York Times Bestseller.
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Shopgirls Pamela Cox, Annabel Hobley
'As packed with good things as the Peter Jones sale' Daily Telegraph True stories of friendship, triumph and hardship from behind the counter.
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The Mistresses of Cliveden
The Mistresses of Cliveden Natalie Livingstone
Five women. One house. One extraordinary history.
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The Final Season
The Final Season Nigel McCrery
A moving narrative history of the professional footballers who fought and died in World War I, with a foreword by Gary Lineker.
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Perfume: A Century of Scents
Perfume: A Century of Scents Lizzie Ostrom
The incredible stories of 100 perfumes in all their fragrant glory – ten lovingly chosen scents for each decade of the twentieth century.
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How the French Won Waterloo - or Think They Did
How the French Won Waterloo - or Think They Did Stephen Clarke
Published in the 200th Anniversary year of the Battle of Waterloo a witty look at how the French still think they won, by Stephen Clarke, author of 1000 Years of Annoying the French and A Year in the Merde.
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Ancient Worlds
Ancient Worlds Michael Scott
Ancient history for our globalised age: an epic odyssey over 900 years, taking us from the Mediterranean to India and China, taking in the birth of modern politics in Greece and Rome, the building of great empires by war and conquest, and the rise of the world’s great religions.
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