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Conversations Worth Having
Conversations Worth Having Jackie Stavros, Cheri Torres, David L. Cooperrider
Conversations can be critical and destructive, or they can be generative and productive. This book shows how to guarantee your conversations will help people, organizations, and communities flourish.
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Why People Don't Believe You...
Why People Don't Believe You... Rob Jolles
For some of us, projecting confidence and credibility is second nature. For the rest of us, it seems like a foreign language we'll never learn - until now. Robert Jolles, bestselling author and expert speaker, preaches that what you say actually matters far less than how you say it--it's the tune, not the lyrics, that truly convinces people.
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Faster, Fewer, Better Emails
Faster, Fewer, Better Emails Dianna Booher
Business communication expert and bestselling author Dianna Booher shares practical wisdom on how to write effective emails that get results and how to organize your emails to gain control and increase your productivity.
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