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Wilfred Owen
Wilfred Owen Jon Stallworthy
A revised and updated edition of Jon Stallworthy's prize-winning and classic biography of the great World War One poet, Wilfred Owen.
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Illuminations Walter Benjamin
A now legendary collection of seminal essays by one of the most influential thinkers of the 20th century.
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Lytton Strachey
Lytton Strachey Michael Holroyd
A work of genius, acknowledged as a landmark in contemporary biography now completely revised and rewritten to tell the FULL story of Strachey, Dora Carrington and Bloomsbury which previous could not be told.
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The Irresponsible Self
The Irresponsible Self James Wood
A collection of dazzling essays from one of the world's finest and most controversial literary critics.
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The Life Of Graham Greene Volume 1
The Life Of Graham Greene Volume 1 Norman Sherry
'Probably the best biography ever written of a living author.' Philip French, Listener
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The Life Of Graham Greene Volume Two
The Life Of Graham Greene Volume Two Norman Sherry
A chronicle of the most tumultuous and productive years of Graham Greene's life. 'As close as we will ever get to the man.' J. G. Ballard, The Times
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The Life of Graham Greene Volume Three
The Life of Graham Greene Volume Three Norman Sherry
The final volume in the hugely acclaimed biographical trilogy.
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Tobias Smollett Jeremy Lewis
A superb biography of the greatest eighteenth- century novelist, by the author of the highly- praised CYRIL CONNOLLY: A LIFE
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The Chameleon Poet
The Chameleon Poet Robert Fraser
'Robert Fraser has brought back to life a poet who behaved outrageously, suffered a great deal and caused many others to suffer, but whose best, tortured, teasing poems should be remembered. It may be the life of the 'chamelion poet'. It is also, very oddly, a heroic one.' Anthony Thwaite, Times Literary Supplement
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Flaubert Frederick Brown
From the author of the acclaimed Zola: A Life, another magnificent portrait of a writer and his age.
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The Adventures of Arthur Conan Doyle
The Adventures of Arthur Conan Doyle Russell Miller
The definitive biography of an enduringly fascinating figure, told with panache and full of new material unavailable to any previous biographers
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The Unforgiving Minute
The Unforgiving Minute Harry Ricketts
A vivid study of Kipling's life in relation to his work, cutting through the myths that surround him.
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Frances Hodgson Burnett Gretchen Gerzina
A contemporary and comprehensive new life which tells the full surprising story of the woman who wrote every girl's favourite childhood classics, THE SECRET GARDEN and A LITTLE PRINCESS.
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The Making Of The Poets Ian Gilmour
A brilliant new joint biography of Byron and Shelley - the most 'romantic' of the Romantic poets - in their early years.
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Anny Henrietta Garnett
The first full account of a key literary life - linking Thackeray with Virginia Woolf - and of the late Victorian cultural world.
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Body Parts
Body Parts Hermione Lee
Brilliant, readable, lively essays on the problems of reading and writing biography - a hot topic today
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A Moment's Liberty
A Moment's Liberty Virginia Woolf
On 1st January 1915 Virginia Woolf set herself to write a day-by-day diary; interrupted after a few weeks by illness, she began again in 1917, and from then until a few days before her death in 1941 she habitually used the diary to record her activities, observations and preoccupations. The result is one of the greatest diaries in the English language, now available for the first time in paperback in a one-volume abridged edition.
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Sketches In Pen And Ink
Sketches In Pen And Ink Vanessa Bell
A rare Bloomsbury treat: delightful, candid and unique autobiographical writings by Vanessa Bell, in an attractive volume illustrated with her own woodcuts and drawings, with an introduction by her daughter Angelica Garnett and an essay on Vanessa Bell's art.
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Master Of Middle Earth Paul Kocher
A splendid commentary, which will delight and fascinate admirers of Tolkien
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