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Behind The Lines
Behind The Lines Russell Miller
This is the story of Special Operations in the Second World War as it has never been told before - directly by those who took part.
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Downing Street Diary
Downing Street Diary Bernard Donoughue
One of the most extraordinary political diaries of modern times. An intimate and often explosive account of life at the heart of Harold Wilson's government.
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Reform! Edward Pearce
'An attractively vivid and racy account of events that otherwise might have run the risk of possessing a distinctly musty flavour.' Anthony Howard, Sunday Times
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Witnesses Of War
Witnesses Of War Nicholas Stargardt
A major and original work of history - acclaimed in hardback - which investigates the lives of children under the Nazis.
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Downing Street Diary Volume Two
Downing Street Diary Volume Two Bernard Donoughue
The second volume of Bernard Donoughue's fascinating politcial diaries
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Postwar Tony Judt
A magisterial and acclaimed history of Europe in our time, by one of our leading historians.
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Codename Tricycle
Codename Tricycle Russell Miller
A gripping and colourful portrait of a celebrated, glamorous, and daring double-agent - possibly the inspiration for James Bond - who epitomised everything we associate with the life of the spy.
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Fascism Roger Eatwell
'A solid-history of the movement in Italy and Germany, where it took root, and France and Britain, where it failed to flourish.'Ian Thomson, The Guardian 'Mr Eatwell is a learned and careful scholar who has read a formidable list of sources, often very recondite, and he handles his material judiciously'Hugh Trevor-Roper, Sunday Telegraph
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Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon
Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon Pam Hirsch
The first biography of the passionate and unconventional Victorian feminist leader and artist, George Eliot's best friend.
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The Hitler Emigrés
The Hitler Emigrés Daniel Snowman
'A wonderful, inspiring story-Daniel Snowman has told the extraordinarily moving story very well.' Philip Henscher, Spectator
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Supermac D R Thorpe
Supermac is a truly important publication, of significance to everyone interested in the history of the 20th century. Packed with new revelations about Macmillan's private life as well as key events including the 'Tolstoy' controversy, the Suez Crisis, You've Never Had It So Good, the Winds of Change and the Profumo Scandal.
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The Trial Of Adolph Eichmann Lord Russell
The classic account of this notorious case, with a new introduction by Richard Overy
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Blood Kindred W J McCormack
A fascinating and original look at the complex political life of one of the world's most renowned poets.
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The Ruling Caste
The Ruling Caste David Gilmour
Acclaimed historian David Gilmour gives us a compelling account of the public and private lives of the Britons who ruled India.
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Personal Impressions
Personal Impressions Isaiah Berlin
The third, enlarged edition of Isaiah Berlin's remarkable series of character portraits, Personal Impressions
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The Oster Conspiracy of 1938 Terry Parssinen
Vividly told and impressively documented, this is the fascinating story of an aborted coup and a wide- ranging plan to eliminate Hitler.
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The March Up
The March Up Bing West, Ray Smith
In the first book to come directly from the front lines of the war in Iraq, here is an insider's look at the dramatic sequence of events that unfolded during the 1st Marine Division's 22-day assault from Kuwait to Baghdad.
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Travelling With Che Guevara
Travelling With Che Guevara Alberto Granado
Published for the first time in English, an account of Che Guevara's 1952 motorcycle tour of South America by his close friend and travelling companion.
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The Nuremberg Interviews
The Nuremberg Interviews Leon Goldensohn
A remarkable insight into the Nazi mentality and the nature of evil
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Under Two Dictators: Prisoner of Stalin and Hitler
Under Two Dictators: Prisoner of Stalin and Hitler Margarete Buber-Neumann
An astonishing account (and the only we have) of one woman's experience of labour camps under Stalin and Hitler
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Vice Lou Dubose, Jake Bernstein
A riveting exposé of American vice president Dick Cheney - an explosive, gripping and intensely topical book, its contents are embargoed until publication day.
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Though The Heavens May Fall
Though The Heavens May Fall Steven M. Wise
For the first time, the complete, exciting story of the landmark trial that led to the abolition of slavery in the Western world.
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