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Himself And Other Animals
Himself And Other Animals David Hughes
`David Hughes's portrait rings absolutely true; reading this book is uncanny because he manages to bring Gerry so vividly back to life. . . Durrell's life was a combination of great pleasure and great desperation, and this portrait of him perfectly captures these extremes, which pull you along in their wake. ' Edward Whitley, LITERARY REVIEW
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A Rumor Of War
A Rumor Of War Philip Caputo
The original Vietnam memoir and a great classic of war literature with a new introduction from Kevin Powers – 40th Anniversary Edition
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Modern Philosophy Roger Scruton
'Anyone interested in philosophy should read this book' Nicholas Bagnall, Sunday Telegraph
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Neandertals Pat Shipman, Erik Trinkaus
'An important book. . . . remarkably complete. For anyone interested in the subject of human origins, seldom has it been possible to find out so much between the covers of a popular work. ' Richard Leakey
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African Exodus
The essential statement , by the world's leading authority on the subject, of the thesis that modern humans originated in Africa and spread around the world; and a definitive defence of our common humanity, spiking racist accounts of our origins.
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Shackleton's Boat Journey F A Worsley
The first-hand account of an incredible Antarctic adventure - one of the great survival stories of all times.
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Separation E J M Bowlby
`It is difficult to exaggerate the importance of Dr Bowlby's work' - Anthony Storr in the SUNDAY TIMES
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Lewis & Clark Dayton Duncan, Ken Burns
The story of the most important expedition in American history - the 'discovery' of the interior of America.
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The Mapmakers John Noble Wilford
'An engrossing chapter from the human experience.' Los Angeles Times
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Hell With A Capital H Katherine Lambert
A Pimlico original which tells for the first time a breathtaking story of Antarctic survival and of the man who made it possible.
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Pandora's Breeches
Pandora's Breeches Patricia Fara
An original and highly readable exploration of the role of women in the history of science
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The Hidden Landscape
The Hidden Landscape Richard Fortey
The richness of Britain's geological history is without equal. The Hidden Landscape - a classic in popular geology - is a unique exploration of that diversity.
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Floods, Famines And Emperors Brian Fagan
Integrating science, archaeology and history, Brian Fagan shows how th e interaction of climate, land and people has shaped culture from the dawn of history to the present day.
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The Floating Egg Roger Osborne
If you have never read a book about geology before, and didn't even think you were interested, Roger Osborne could change your life. . . He succeeds magnificently in communicating his enthusiasm.
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Faust In Copenhagen
Faust In Copenhagen Gino Segrè
Wonderfully vivid and accessible, this is an account of that moment when the world's greatest physicists came out of the laboratory and onto the international stage - the birth of 'big science' and the nuclear age.
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Between Genius And Genocide
Between Genius And Genocide Daniel Charles
The astonishing story of the first man to fix nitrogen from the air, which led to the mass production of agricultural fertilisers; winner of the Nobel Prize; the creator of chemical warfare; a German patriot destroyed by the Nazis.
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The Mystery Of Mallory And Irvine Tom Holzel, Audrey Salkeld
The astonishing and compelling story of the greatest mystery in mountaineering - here fully revised in light of the discovery of Mallory's body on Everest.
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Engineer In The Garden Colin Tudge
Does for genetics what THE BLIND WATCHMAKER did for biology: it explains, it excites, it makes us imagine and think. Nature is the 'garden' of the title; the 'engineer' is the geneticist, far less in control than he or she thinks.
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The Day Before Yesterday Colin Tudge
A breathtakingly wide-angled history of the past five million years and a wonderful account of some of the most magnificent animals the world has ever seen. 'History at its most subversive, history that inspires and terrifies'. WASHINGTON POST
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Charles Darwin Volume 2
Charles Darwin Volume 2 Janet Browne
'An astonishingly fresh picture of the great naturalist ... Janet Browne's book is a triumph, the closest we can come to getting inside Darwin's mind.' Sunday Telegraph on volume one, Voyaging
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The Death and Life of Great American Cities
The Death and Life of Great American Cities Jane Jacobs
A groundbreaking critique of 20th-century urban planning and a classic of post-war social thought.
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Charles Darwin: Voyaging
Charles Darwin: Voyaging Janet Browne
'An astonishingly fresh picture of the great naturalist-Janet Browne's book is a triumph, the closest we can come to getting inside Darwin's mind.' Sunday Telegraph
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The Song Of The Dodo David Quammen
'David Quammen has given usthe story of both our survival and demise as a species in THE SONG OF THE DODO. Through the brilliance and supple nature of his mind, we are allowed to glimpse the nature of evolution and extinction, and why biology matters in our concept of beauty, justice, and the sacredness of life. This is a stunning book with graceful reverberations. ' Terry Tempest Williams, author of REFUGE.
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