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No Spin
No Spin Shane Warne, Mark Nicholas
No Spin is the last word on Shane Warne’s extraordinary cricketing career and his life off the pitch.
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Budo Mind And Body
Budo Mind And Body Nicklaus Suino
Real budo is a way of seeking and grasping meaning in life.
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Bushido Inazo Nitobe
A graphic novel version of the classic book that first introduced Westerners to the samurai ethos.
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Accept The Challenge – The Autobiography
Accept The Challenge – The Autobiography Leigh Matthews, Leigh M Blucher
A true football legend, this is a hugely long awaited autobiography told with Leigh's customary steel, wry humour and no-holds barred honesty.
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The Race Against Time
The Race Against Time Edward Pickering
The fascinating and revelatory story of an epic sporting rivalry and the start of a revolution in British cycling
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Ki & The Way Of Martial Arts
Ki & The Way Of Martial Arts Kenji Tokitsu
A karate master explains the central role of ki or "life energy" in the Asian martial traditions.
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Dancing The Wave
Dancing The Wave Jean-Etienne Poirier
An exuberant and evocative look at the joys and revelations experienced on a surfboard for surfers and nonsurfers alike.
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The Bad Boys of Footy
The Bad Boys of Footy Matthew Webber
AFL, Football, NRL and Rugby: Modern Failings Of Football's Finest.
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One Chance
One Chance Emily Gillmor Murphy
Set in the high-adrenaline world of competitive show-jumping, this is a tale of love against the odds from a bright new writing talent.
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Glenn McGrath Line and Strength
Glenn McGrath Line and Strength Daniel Lane, Glenn McGrath
Now featuring an additional chapter.
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