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Riding The Retreat
Riding The Retreat Richard Holmes
A classic book from one of the most celebrated military historians.
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African Exodus
The essential statement , by the world's leading authority on the subject, of the thesis that modern humans originated in Africa and spread around the world; and a definitive defence of our common humanity, spiking racist accounts of our origins.
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The Bushmen of Southern Africa
The Bushmen of Southern Africa Sandy Gall
A mix of history and current affairs, travel, reportage and anecdote, this passionate book speaks up for the Bushmen, the first people of Africa.
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Travels With Virginia Woolf Virginia Woolf
Extracts from Virginia Woolf's diaries and journals, correspondence and rare travel essays are collected here, vividly recording the places she loved, visited and worked in.
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Shackleton's Boat Journey F A Worsley
The first-hand account of an incredible Antarctic adventure - one of the great survival stories of all times.
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Blue Highways William Least-Heat Moon
'Least Heat-Moon watches the details of the backwater American landscapes and the people who inhabit them with a startling, poetic scrupulousness it's filled with vivid details of sights, tastes, smells, wildlife, weather, topography and talk, especially down-home talk.' New Society
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The Mapmakers John Noble Wilford
'An engrossing chapter from the human experience.' Los Angeles Times
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El Dorado And Other Pursuits
El Dorado And Other Pursuits Evan S. Connell
'Crème de la crème of world adventuring' - New York Times Book Review
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Below The Convergence
Below The Convergence Alan Gurney
`Peppered with thrilling Boy`s Own tales of tall-masted ships nudging through the pack ice. . . This entertaining book opens a window to the most important journey of all-the unending voyage of the human spirit. ` Sara Wheeler, The Times
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Travelling With Che Guevara
Travelling With Che Guevara Alberto Granado
Published for the first time in English, an account of Che Guevara's 1952 motorcycle tour of South America by his close friend and travelling companion.
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The Hidden Landscape
The Hidden Landscape Richard Fortey
The richness of Britain's geological history is without equal. The Hidden Landscape - a classic in popular geology - is a unique exploration of that diversity.
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Shackleton's Forgotten Men
Shackleton's Forgotten Men Lennard Bickel
'No more remarkable story of human endeavour has been revealed than the tale of that long march.' Sir Ernest Shackleton
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The Galapagos Affair John E Treherne
'Quite the most extraordinary story I have ever read.' Evening Standard
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The Mystery Of Mallory And Irvine Tom Holzel, Audrey Salkeld
The astonishing and compelling story of the greatest mystery in mountaineering - here fully revised in light of the discovery of Mallory's body on Everest.
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Out In The Midday Sun Elspeth Huxley
Africa between the two world wars - the people, the landscape, the rom ance and the harsh realities.
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One's Company Peter Fleming
'Original and impressive-As a journalist he is modernity itself; as a traveller he has about him an Elizabethan aroma, being both cruel and amused.' Harold Nicolson, Daily Telegraph
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The City Of London Volume 4
The City Of London Volume 4 David Kynaston
In this culminating volume of his universally acclaimed history, David Kynaston leads us through the dramatic post-war years, from derelict bomb-sites to shimmering skyscrapers.
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Dorset Richard Ollard
One of the first batch of Pimlico County History Guides - a new and original sub-series, in which a well-known writer provides a personal guided tour of his/her favourite county - covering its history, folklore, geography, architecture etc. Unique guides, providing an unrivalled sense of place, they are intended as much for the armchair traveller as they are for the visitor.
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The Flame Trees Of Thika
The Flame Trees Of Thika Elspeth Huxley
The extraordinary adventures of a childhood in Africa, recalled in rich and loving detail.
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