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Wartime Brides
Wartime Brides Lizzie Lane
A wonderful family saga set in Bristol at the end of World War 2 – a must-read for fans of Katie Flynn
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Home for Christmas
Home for Christmas Lizzie Lane
A heart-warming Christmas book set during World War One - shortlisted for the Best Historical Novel Award
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The Suicide Exhibition
The Suicide Exhibition Justin Richards
The Thirty-Nine Steps meets Indiana Jones and Quatermass!
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The Blood Red City
The Blood Red City Justin Richards
A compelling, white-knuckle WW2 thriller with a difference.
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The Master of Time
The Master of Time David Wingrove
The Ultimate Time Travel Thriller.
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The Soldier's Bride
The Soldier's Bride Maggie Ford
A heartwarming wartime saga perfect for fans of Katie Flynn
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Wartime Sweethearts
Wartime Sweethearts Lizzie Lane
First in a brand new World War Two trilogy from bestselling author Lizzie Lane
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A Wartime Friend
A Wartime Friend Lizzie Lane
A heartwarming saga about a girl orphaned by war and the dog that saved her life.
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Ambulance Girls
Ambulance Girls Deborah Burrows
For fans of CALL THE MIDWIFE and DONNA DOUGLAS, this is a warm and thrilling World War Two series about the women ambulance drivers in the war
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Ambulance Girls Under Fire
Ambulance Girls Under Fire Deborah Burrows
A gripping WW2 saga perfect for fans of Daisy Styles's The Bomb Girls and Nancy Revell's Shipyard Girls
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Flora's War
Flora's War Audrey Reimann
A heart-warming wartime saga, perfect for fans of Maggie Hope and Katie Flynn
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Wartime Tales
Wartime Tales Lizzie Lane
A trio of uplifting wartime sagas from bestselling author Lizzie Lane. Fans of Maggie Hope will love it!
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A Wartime Nurse
A Wartime Nurse Maggie Hope
A gritty, heartwarming saga perfect for fans of Donna Douglas and Nadine Dorries
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Izzy's War
Izzy's War Isla Dewar
Set against the backdrop of the second world war, this is the story of a remarkable group of women pilots
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Frontline Nurses
Frontline Nurses Holly Green
A heartwarming wartime saga perfect for fans of Margaret Dickinson's The Poppy Girls
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