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Paul Kelly
Paul Kelly Author
Paul Kelly is recognised as one of the most significant singer/songwriters in the country. As well as issuing an enduring body of work both solo and with his bands, including The Dots, The Coloured Girls and The Messengers, Kelly has written film scores (Lantana...
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Peter Moore
Peter Moore Author
Peter Moore is a writer, journalist and lecturer. He teaches creative writing at City University and the University of Oxford. His first book, Damn His Blood, reconstructed a rural murder in 1806. His second, The Weather Experiment, a Sunday Times bestseller,...
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A Legacy Of Spies
A Legacy Of Spies John le Carre
For the first time in over 30 years, John le Carré returns to the Cold War in this thrilling masterpiece.
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A Wizard Of Earthsea
A Wizard Of Earthsea Ursula K. Le Guin, Ursula Le Guin
Ged enters wizard school to learn the rules of magic. Headstrong and naïve, he accidentally unleashes a terrible shadow-creature into the world.
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Bobbi Brown Beauty Bobbie Brown, Anne-Marie Iverson
A comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide to natural everyday and special occasion make-up.
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We (Vintage Future)
We (Vintage Future) Yevgeny Zamyatin
VINTAGE FUTURE: Revolutionary imagined futures to explode the here and now
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Slaughterhouse 5 (Vintage Past)
Slaughterhouse 5 (Vintage Past) Kurt Vonnegut
Vintage Past: Inventive tales of times gone by to tell the histories we think we know
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A Perfect Red
A Perfect Red Amy Butler Greenfield
A dramatic history of cochineal, the small Mexican beetle whose precious red dye provoked global intrigue and piracy from medieval times to the present day - for fans of Mark Kurlansky
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The Adventures Of Flash Jackson William Kowalski
From the much-loved author of EDDIE'S BASTARD comes another page-turning novel of discovery.
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You Are What You Eat: Live Well, Live Longer
You Are What You Eat: Live Well, Live Longer Carina Norris
Live a healthier, happier life, whatever your age
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The Noetic Universe
The Noetic Universe Dean Radin
The scientific evidence for psychic phenomena
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Margery Allingham Omnibus
Margery Allingham Omnibus Margery Allingham
Three of Margery Allingham's classic crime tales captured in one volume - perfect for aficionados and new readers alike.
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Alfie! Gareth Thomas, Delme Parfitt
The revealing autobiography of one of rugby’s most recognisable figures
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Cafe Spice Namaste
Cafe Spice Namaste Cyrus Todiwala
The first cookbook from this widely acclaimed, truly innovative chef
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Where Am I And Who's Winning?
Where Am I And Who's Winning? Andrew Baker
The brilliant comic debut from one of the country's best sports writers
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The Good Neighbour
The Good Neighbour William Kowalski
The rich and compelling new novel from the author of EDDIE'S BASTARD.
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Untitled Memoir Shaun White Shaun White, Neil Strauss
Snowboarding phenomenon and three-time Olympic gold medallist Shaun White has teamed up with supremo co-author Neil Strauss to tell us his story: a kid with a dangerous heart defect who chose a life in extreme sports, and became the world's greatest.
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Official Strictly Come Dancing Annual 2019
Official Strictly Come Dancing Annual 2019 Alison Maloney
The official companion to 2018's glittering Strictly series.
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The Hardware Hacker
For over a decade, Andrew "bunnie" Huang, one of the world's most esteemed hackers, has shaped the fields of hacking and hardware, from his cult-classic book Hacking the Xbox to the open-source laptop Novena and his mentorship of various hardware startups and developers. In The Hardware Hacker, Huang shares his experiences in manufacturing and open hardware, creating an illuminating and compelling career retrospective.
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Suspension Trainer Workouts
Suspension Trainer Workouts Michael Volkmar
Over 100 of the best suspension trainer workouts for fat burning, strength, and power.
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