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Books by David Hill (8)

  • Sport in Australia is a national obsession. In this book David Hill recalls his encounters with the great and the good in Australian sport, as well as some of its darker moments.

  • Australia and the British monarchy have an undeniably special relationship, yet they have always made for an odd couple: the rebellious, egalitarian nation wedded to an ancient symbol of social inequality. So what is the magic the royals hold over Australians?

  • Australia and the British monarchy have always made for an odd couple: the young, rebellious, egalitarian nation wed to the ancient symbol of power and social inequality. How have the royals come to be as popular now as they ever were? David Hill tells the story of this relationship from the beginning.

  • This is the story of how a struggling convict settlement grew into six dynamic colonies and then the remarkable nation of Australia. Told through the key figures who helped build it into the thriving nation it is today, David Hill once again offers up Australian history at its most entertaining and accessible.

  • The thrilling race between Frenchman Nicolas Baudin and Englishman Matthew Flinders to chart the map of Australia.

  • The fever that forever changed Australia

  • An extraordinary narrative history of the First Fleet, by the bestselling author of The Forgotten Children.

  • B-format of one of 2007’s Australian non-fiction bestsellers.