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DOUGLAS ADAMS was born in Cambridge in March 1952. He is best known as the creator of The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which started life as a BBC Radio 4 series. The book went on to be a No. 1 bestseller. He followed this success with The Restaurant at the End of the Universe (1980); Life, The Universe and Everything (1982); So Long and Thanks for all the Fish (1984); Mostly Harmless (1992) and many more. He sold over 15 million books in the UK, the US and Australia. Douglas died unexpectedly in May 2001 at the age of 49.

Books by Douglas Adams

Doctor Who and the Krikkitmen
Doctor Who: Classic TV Adventures Collection One
Doctor Who: The Pirate Planet
Doctor Who: The Pirate Planet
Dirk Gently: The BBC Radio Collection
Doctor Who: City of Death
Doctor Who: Shada
Last Chance To See
The Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy
Mostly Harmless