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James Gilberd

James Gilberd

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James Gilberd, co-author with Jo Davy of Spooked: Exploring the paranormal in New Zealand, is a founding member and the leader of Strange Occurrences, which first formed in 2005. The Strange Occurrences crew consists of eight members, all of whom have had experiences that they have been unable to attribute to normal or natural causes. Strange Occurrences search for the truth behind the dark stories of some of New Zealand’s most infamous haunted sites. In exploring the nature of ghosts, the team has interviewed mediums, psychics, fellow paranormal investigators, skeptics, and a parapsychologist. They look at the history of paranormal research and delve into the existing science. Gilberd’s day job is a photographer, and he runs the Photospace Gallery in Wellington. For more, and their blog, see www.strange-occurences.com.

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Investigating haunted buildings with New Zealand's very own ghost hunters.

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