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Jules Faber
Photo Credit: Becc Faber

Jules Faber is a multi-award-winning cartoonist and illustrator. He has published numerous comic strips, worked for various newspapers, taught cartooning around Australia, been in multiple art exhibitions and has worked as an animator on a Disney show. Jules has served three terms as President of the Australian Cartoonists Association, the world's oldest cartoonist's organisation. And on top of all that, he loves illustrating children’s books, including Anh Do’s WeirDo series (Scholastic), Helix and the Arrival by Damean Posner and the new Leo da Vinci series by Michael Pryor.

Books by Jules Faber

Helix and the Arrival

What if a wimpy kid was born in the Stone Age?

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Leo Da Vinci vs The Furniture Overlord

Leo da Vinci's genius inventions may be the only thing that can save the world from the attack of the killer furniture!

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Leo da Vinci vs The Ice-cream Domination League

When you’re a young genius, there’s always time to save the world from evil … until Mum calls you for dinner.

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