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Kate O'Donnell

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Kate O’Donnell is a writer, editor and bookseller specialising in children’s and young adult literature. She has a BA in History and French from the University of Melbourne and studied Professional Writing and Editing at RMIT. Untidy Towns is her first novel.

Books by Kate O'Donnell

The Everyday Ayurveda Guide to Self-Care

Discover the best way to care for yourself—day by day and season by season.

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Everyday Ayurveda Cooking For A Calm, Clear Mind

Balance your mind through the foods you eat. Seasonal, healthy recipes based on traditional Ayurvedic wisdom to benefit our states of mind--from the author of The Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook.

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The Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook

Eat delicious seasonal food, balance the body, and heal the gut with simplified, traditional Ayurvedic wisdom and over 100 simple recipes designed to get you cooking in the kitchen.

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