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Korky Paul

Korky Paul was born in Zimbabwe. He has lived in California and Greece as well as Great Britain. He studied at the Californian Institute of Art, Los Angeles, and then began a career as an Art Director in advertising, but found he enjoyed drawing so much he left to illustrate children's books. He is now a successful and highly regarded picture book illustrator.

Books by Korky Paul

Sir Scallywag And The Battle Of Stinky Bottom

When King Colin sets his sights on finding the famous Golden Sausage, there's only one person for the job: Sir Scallywag! But will the six-year-old knight be mighty enough to defeat the filthy trolls that guard the Golden Sausage and sin the Stinkest Battle Ever?

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Sir Scallywag and the Deadly Dragon Poo

The second hilarious Sir Scallywag story, featuring a giant sweet machine and plenty of deadly dragon poo!

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