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Levy Rozman, more popularly known as GothamChess, is an online chess streamer who earned the International Master title in 2018. A former scholastic chess coach, he is passionate about chess accessibility, and has donated $100,000 in scholarship funds for chess programs in education. He currently boasts the biggest chess channel on YouTube, where he focuses on creating fun and educational content.

Books by Levy Rozman

How to Win At Chess

Learn chess from International Master and YouTube's top chess teacher Levy Rozman (aka GothamChess) in this refreshing and fun guide for beginner and intermediate players

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The Chess Deck

Learn about chess tactics and test your skills with this oversize deck of 54 cards from the New York Times bestselling author of How to Win at Chess, International Master and YouTube’s top chess teacher Levy Rozman (aka GothamChess).

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