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Mark Henderson, the Science editor of The Times, is an award-winning journalist who has covered science for The Times since 2000, building a reputation as one of the UK's most respected and best connected journalists in the field. As well as covering science news he is a regular contributor to comment pages and played a pivotal role in founding their science supplement, Eureka, for which he writes features and a regular column about science and politics. Freelance writing includes recent work for the British Medical Journal, Prospect, and the Royal Society's 350th anniversary programme.
He is an accomplished broadcaster for TV and radio, whose recent appearances include BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC4's 'Dinner with Portillo', BBC Breakfast, Sky News, LBC and BBC R4's 'Material World'. He is also a regular panellist at the Royal Institutio, the Wellcome Collection and the Cheltenham Sciece Festival. In 2011 Mark Henderson was awarded the European Cancer Reporter Prize and the Royal Statistical Society Prize for statistical excellence in journalism.

The Geek Manifesto Mark Henderson

Britain's leading science journalist makes an agenda-setting argument that science matters to every aspect of politics with a rallying call to all geeks, wannabe geeks and secret geeks to join together in a new force our leaders cannot ignore.

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