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Mark Vette
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Screentime NZ Ltd

Books by Mark Vette

Puppy Zen

World-renowned dog behaviourist and psychologist Mark Vette shows you how to train your new puppy for a trouble-free life and harmonious bond between puppy and owner.

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Dog Zen

World-renowned dog behaviourist and psychologist Mark Vette (of Driving Dogs and Flying Dogs fame) shows you how to transform your dog and create a harmonious life-long bond.

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Zen Heart

The life and work of animal behaviourist Mark Vette - plus the dogs, cats, pukekos, wolves, horses, rats and other animals he has worked with!

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More features

From wolf to dog – the most unlikely of tales

Mark Vette discusses the original ancestor of today's domesticated dogs.

Choosing the right dog for you

Advice from expert Mark Vette on choosing the right canine companion for you and your family.

How To pick an individual from a litter

Once you have decided what sort of dog breed will suit your household and where you are going to find your new pup, you will need to make a choice about which puppy to choose from the litter or retailer. Whether you have chosen a hybrid or pure-bred pup, here is some guidance on how to choose.