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Monty Lyman
Photo Credit: Janie Critchley Photography

Dr Monty Lyman travelled the globe to research The Remarkable Life of the Skin, including Africa, South Asia and Australasia. He studied at the universities of Oxford, Birmingham and Imperial College London. He has worked in a world-leading dermatology laboratory, been the national head of undergraduate and junior doctor dermatology in the UK, has won several national prizes in dermatology and medical writing and has given many talks at national conferences. In 2017 he won the Wilfred Thesiger Travel Writing Award for his report on a dermatological research trip to Tanzania.He lives in Oxford, England.

Books by Monty Lyman

The Remarkable Life of the Skin

The Remarkable Life of the Skin is a compelling user's guide to the physical, psychological and social importance of the body's largest, most visible and yet most misunderstood organ.

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Dr Monty Lyman explores and explains the experience of pain, through which we not only begin to understand ourselves but others too.

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