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Nick Hayes is the author of The Rime of the Modern Mariner, an updating of Coleridge’s famous poem, and the visual biography Woody Guthrie and the Dust Bowl Ballads, both of which are among the most highly regarded of recent British long-form comics. He has also published two collections of his short comics, Lovely Grey Day and 11 Folk Songs. He is the founding editor of Meat magazine, a periodical showcasing new writing, comics and illustration and has won two Guardian Media awards.

Books by Nick Hayes

The Drunken Sailor

A biography of the most mythic of literary figures and a paean to wanderlust, from the critically acclaimed author of The Rime of the Modern Mariner, Woody Guthrie and the Dust Bowl Ballads and Cormorance.

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A beguiling wordless fable, and a hymn to the natural world – from one of the finest British graphic novelists at work today

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Woody Guthrie

A visual biography of Woody Guthrie - perhaps the greatest, most enduring singer-songwriter to ever live.

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