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Nicola McCloy
Photo Credit: Allan Ure

Nicola McCloy

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Nicola McCloy is a Southlander whose parents instilled in her a love of the great Kiwi road trip. Sandwiched between two extroverted siblings, she grew up spending a lot of time looking out the window of the Datsun 180B and wondering what was happening in the big, wide world of the South Island. Since then, she’s made it her mission to find out, with particular focus on the mediums of pies, suspension bridges and transport museums. She has written more than 20 books, all telling different New Zealand stories and including the bestsellers Whykickamoocow, Made in New Zealand and The Speight’s Southern Man Cookbook.

Books by Nicola McCloy

Let's Get Lost

Full of life, locals and an irresistible sense of fun, Let’s Get Lost showcases the New Zealand you don’t yet know.

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