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A fourth-generation grazier, Nicole returned to her family's property in the early 1990s. She is currently the business manager there.

Nicole has a Master of Letters in creative writing and her novels, poetry, travel and genealogy articles have been published in Australia, Germany, America and Singapore.

She is the author of seven novels: The Bark Cutters, A Changing Land, Absolution Creek, Sunset Ridge, The Great Plains, Wild Lands and River Run.

Books by Nicole Alexander

An Uncommon Woman
The Great Plains
River Run
Wild Lands
Surrender to Summer 3
The Great Australian Writers' Collection 2013
Sunset Ridge
Surrender to Summer
Absolution Creek
A Changing Land
The Bark Cutters
Alexander writes from first-hand experience of the harshness of bush life as well as a deep love of the land. Courier Mail