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Paul Barrow is a non-executive director for several companies and was group finance director for an AIM-listed multimedia/software company, but his driving passion is in breaking down the mystery that surrounds the language of finance. His book The Best-Laid Business Plans is also published by Virgin.

Books by Paul Barrow

The Best Laid Business Plans: How to Write Them, How to Pitch Them

Practical advice from an experienced and succesful business player

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The Bottom Line: Business Finance: Your Questions Answered

'My business is growing and profitable but how come it s always so short of cash?'Is it true that I could need nearly half my annual turnover just to fund my debtors and stock-and why?The answers to these and other frequently asked questions are provided in short,easy- to-read and understandable sections,followed by case studies with insights into what other businesses have doneand why it worked for them including: .Understanding financial statements .financial analysis and control .break even analysis .profit improvement .securing the right type of funding .buying and selling a business

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