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TV presenter, instructor and bestselling author Ray Mears has become recognised throughout the world as an authority on the subject of bushcraft and survival. TV series including Ray Mears' Bushcraft, Ray Mears' World of Survival, Extreme Survival and Ray Mears goes Walkabout have made him a household name over the past two decades, but he has spent his life learning these skills, and founded Woodlore, The School of Wilderness Bushcraft, over 35 years ago. This is his fourteenth book. He lives in Sussex with his wife and stepson.

Books by Ray Mears

We Are Nature

Master of the outdoors Ray Mears takes us into the living world, in the back garden and across continents, and shows us how to tune our senses, enhance our experience of nature, and understand our place within it.

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Ray Mears Outdoor Survival Handbook

A reissue of the popular classic guide to survival techniques that includes Ray Mears' in-depth knowledge of outdoor life.

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