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Rebecca Wilson

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Rebecca Wilson is a mum, trained peer-to-peer breastfeeding coach and has harnessed huge attention in just a matter of months by sharing her simple, honest and first-hand advice about weaning her own daughter, Nina.

Rebecca's mission is to show parents and carers that weaning is simple, fun and even exciting. Her philosophy is to get parents to sit down and eat as a family. This not only saves time for parents not needing to cook multiple meals, but it greatly helps babies and children gain healthy eating habits by having a family meal time.Babies learn how to eat so much quicker by watching the people around them, and fussiness in older children is also proven to be reduced from having a positive eating role model.

Books by Rebecca Wilson

What Mummy Makes

130+ simple recipes, all suitable from 6 months old, for weaning your baby with the foods you and your family love to eat too!

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Family Comforts

100+ simple comfort food recipes for all the family that are suitable for babies from 6 months!

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What Mummy Makes Family Meal Planner

Includes 28 simple recipes for weaning your baby - all suitable from 6 months old - with the foods you and your family love to eat, too!

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