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Richard Fairgray
Photo Credit: © Richard Fairgray

Richard Fairgray

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Richard Fairgray is a NZ writer and illustrator who works on comics, picture books and screenplays. He has been publishing work since he was seven years old, and has more than 200 titles to his name.

A former teacher and stand-up comedian, and a self-confessed workaholic, Richard's deep-seated fear that he may be a fictional character only serves to drive him harder. He insists that if he doesn't get enough done he'll have to come back as a ghost to finish off.

Books by Richard Fairgray

Black Sand Beach 1: Are You Afraid of the Light?

Book one the Black Sand Beach series, a middle grade graphic novel series about a haunted summer vacation, written by Richard Fairgray, a bestselling and award-winning comic book and picture book author / illustrator.

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My Grandpa is a Dinosaur

Acclaimed comic writers Richard Fairgray and Terry Jones have produced a hilarious and kooky story about a little girl called Wanda and her huge, green, scaly, spiky grandpa.

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Black Sand Beach 2

The second book in the Black Sand Beach series that Betsy Bird called "one of the highly anticipated graphic novels of 2020."

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