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Born in Sydney, Stephen Axelsen has been illustrating for children since 1974. Stephen has illustrated several Aussie Bites and Nibbles titles, including: Teacher's Pest (by Max Dann) and Down in the Dumps With Dinsmore (by Margaret Clark). He also illustrated a graphic novel written by Cassandra Golds called: The Mostly True Story of Matthew and Trim.

He says of himself:

'When I'm not drawing or thinking about writing I enjoy gardening, building garden walls and almost finishing them, controlling the local cane toad population and reading, mostly children's books. I also take the black dog, Waldo, for night walks on the beach. Often I wonder where he is.'

Books by Stephen Axelsen

Aussie Nibbles: Freda the Free-range Chook
Freda the Free-Range Chook: Aussie Nibble
Piccolo & Annabelle 1 & 2 Bindup
The Mostly True Story of Matthew & Trim