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Zara Seidler
Photo Credit: © Martine Payne

Zara Seidler

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Sam Koslowski and Zara Seidler are the co-founders of The Daily Aus. In only a few years, Sam and Zara have built a massive social media audience, two chart-topping podcasts, and successful newsletter and video channels in one of the hardest industries to crack – the news. After starting with a vision to bring their friends up to speed with the news, the pair became known for breaking down the complex ideas that sit behind current affairs with simplicity, respect and honesty. Now, they run the fastest-growing youth news company in Australia. They are business leaders, journalists, presenters and commentators, speaking to over a million young Australians every month across social accounts, newsletters and podcasts. In 2022, Zara and Sam were listed in the Forbes 30 Under 30. It’s a unique start-up story still unfolding.

Books by Zara Seidler

No Silly Questions

Understand the news stories that matter. Be part of the important conversations. And feel confident – whether you’re walking into a date, a work event or a voting booth.

From the creators of the phenomenally successful news service The Daily Aus comes your ultimate playbook for how the world works.

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