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The eleventh thrilling novel by James Patterson featuring the NYPD detective Michael Bennett. STUCK BETWEEN TWO CARTELS IN A DESPERATE, BLOODY STRUGGLE FOR TERRITORY, MICHAEL BENNETT IS ON EVERYONE’S HIT LIST.

Only Detective Michael Bennett stands in the way of two cartels fighting for New York City's multimillion-dollar opioid trade. And they know where Bennett and his family lives.
An anonymous tip about a crime in Upper Manhattan proves to be a setup. An officer is taken down – and, despite the attackers' efforts, it's not Michael Bennett.

New York's top cop is not the only one at risk. One of Bennett's children sustains a mysterious injury. And a series of murders follows, each with a distinct signature, alerting Bennett to the presence of a professional killer with a flair for disguise.

Bennett taps his best investigators and sources, and they fan out across the five boroughs. But the leads they're chasing turn out to be phantoms. The assassin takes advantage of the chaos, enticing an officer into compromising Bennett, then luring another member of Bennett's family into even graver danger.

Michael Bennett can't tell what's driving the assassin. But he can tell it's personal, and that it's part of something huge. Through twist after twist, he fights to understand exactly how he fits into the killer's plan, before he becomes the ultimate victim.

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  • Ambush
    James Patterson



    April 16, 2019


    432 pages

    RRP $26.00

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    October 18, 2018

    Cornerstone Digital

    432 pages

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Chapter 1

I watched the eight-story apartment building on 161st, about half a block from Melrose Avenue. Nothing special about it. Old window air-conditioning units dotted the facade, but the place had a certain charm. Of course, over years of surveillance in unsavory neighborhoods of New York City, I’ve learned to adjust my expectations.

My partner, Antrole Martens, and I were sitting in his Crown Victoria. By tradition, the most beat-up car in our homicide unit went to the rookie on the squad. Despite its faint odor of vomit, Martens had handled the assignment of the shitty car with grace in his six years with the NYPD. He understood he had to earn his place in the unit, but there was no doubt he was on his way up. I thought he was exactly the kind of cop we needed in a command position.

I wanted this arrest to go well for him. I could still remember my first arrest in Homicide. A pimp named Hermine Paschual. He’d stabbed a john who’d argued about the price. At the time, I thought I was changing the world.

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