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The brilliant new novel from the international bestselling author of Home and Fool Me Once. Mistaken identities, dark family secrets and mysterious conspiracies lie at the heart of this gripping new thriller.

The brilliant new novel from the international bestselling author of Home and Fool Me Once. Mistaken identities, dark family secrets and mysterious conspiracies lie at the heart of this gripping new thriller.
Fifteen years ago in small-town New Jersey, a teenage boy and girl were found dead.

Most people concluded it was a tragic suicide pact. The dead boy's brother, Nap Dumas, did not. Now Nap is a cop - but he's a cop who plays by his own rules, and who has never made peace with his past.

And when the past comes back to haunt him, Nap discovers secrets can kill...


The brilliant new novel from the international bestselling author of Home and Fool Me Once. Mistaken identities, dark family secrets and mysterious conspiracies lie at the heart of this gripping new thriller.

from the publisher's description

The modern master of the hook and twist, luring you in on the first page only to shock you on the last

Dan Brown

Simply one of the all-time greats - pick up any one of his thrillers and you’ll find a riveting, twisty, surprising story with a big, beating heart at its core.

Gillian Flynn

Coben is a phenomenon - the most reliable of American thriller-writers, the least likely to disappoint ... the true mystery is Coben's extraordinary capacity to keep writing such wonderful thrillers

The Times

As moreish as ever

The Sunday Times

Harlan Coben is a folk poet of the suburbs and his well-tuned new mystery, Don't Let Go shows why ... That kind of writing is what we call poetry, and it falls on the ear like sounds of summer.

New York Times

One of the world’s best crime writers is back with another tense novel


Rapid and engaging


An addictive roller-coaster of a thrill ride

Daily Mail

He knows how to pile on twist after twist

The Sun

A slick and sinister page turner

The People and syndicated to Sunday Mirror

I am a big fan of Harlan Coben and this book did not disappoint. It was a non-stop, fast paced, entertaining psychological thriller that I devoured in one sitting. Complex characters, witty dialogue with plenty of twists and turns makes it a thoroughly enjoyable read

Chloe’s Books blog

There are twists and turns, tension and likeable characters which just made me want to keep reading. The kind of book that makes you want to go to bed early to read!

Olive Dragonfly blog

If you're a fan of Harlan Coben, you won't be disappointed, if you don't know this author, pick up a copy when the book is released!

Read Between The Scenes blog

The term ‘rollercoaster of a novel’ is vastly overused, but here, it’s applicable … It’s a thrilling read, Mr Coben really is an author at the top of his game.

Urban Sapphire blog

There is a beauty in the plotting that you don’t find in many crime novels … a genuinely top notch quality read from first page to last

Liz Loves Books blog

Don't Let Go is a fast-paced thriller and one of my favourite Harlan Coben novels to date… I would recommend this book to anyone who loves fiendishly clever mysteries and fast-paced thrillers. Harlan Coben's existing fans will love it. I certainly did!

Once More Unto the Bookstore blog

Don’t Let Go is an outstanding and solid new standalone thriller from the thriller master himself

Two Girls Lost in a Coulee blog

Coben is the king at keeping me on my toes. His writing is a thrill-a-minute, sit down and devour in one sitting whilst keeping my eyes open with matchsticks. Coben knows exactly how to connect with readers to keep them engaged. His stories are original, his characters realistic and the scenery and dialogue are exactly what you would expect from small-town America

Cesca Lizzie Reads blog

What an emotional rollercoaster this was!..Overall, I'm giving DON'T LET GO5 out of 5 and adding it to my Five Star Favourites Shelf. It was riveting, exhilarating and emotional. I really recommend it.

Misti Moo Book Reviews blog

An excellent and fast-paced mystery with many surprises! A great plot that moves along quickly as you try to help Nap sort out the clues! Coban fans are in for a treat!

Dressed to Read blog

The novel is racy, tense, emotional … There are lots of fascinating sub-themes and the characterisation and dialogue is top-class’

Kindle 4 Me Blog

A compelling fast paced read, tempered by appealing characters with real personalities that draw us in and have us rooting for them. Coben is a master writer. He really empathises with his characters and is great at taking a community and exposing its flaws, goodness, secrets, vulnerabilities and the pain of the people within the community. This was a thoroughly enjoyable read and I hope I get to meet Nap Dumas again very soon.

Crime Warp

Perfection on the page .. a very thrilling thriller! Harlan Coben’s Don’t Let Gois one of those thrillers which totally and completely absorbs you from the first word, speeding up and never slowing down. You need to have your mind in prime condition to keep up with not only the relentless pace but also the twists and turns which change the direction several times. From the very beginning there is that ‘Wow’ feeling and you can tell that this novel is the work of an assured hand. There are so many questions raised along the way but come the final page – and it takes until then – all questions are answered, all possibilities accounted for, all loose ends neatly tied off – making this my kind of read!

Lady Reviewer: Good n Ready blog

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Daisy wore a clingy black dress with a neckline so deep it could tutor philosophy.

She spotted the mark sitting at the end of the bar, wearing a pinstripe gray suit. Hmm. The guy was old enough to be her dad. That might make it more difficult for her to make her play, but then again, it might not. You never knew with the old guys. Some of them, especially the recent divorcés, were all too ready to preen and prove they still had it, even if they’d never had it in the first place.

Especially if they’d never had it in the first place.

As Daisy sauntered across the room, she could feel the eyes of the male patrons crawling down her bare legs like earthworms. When she reached the end of the bar, she made a mild production of lowering herself onto the stool next to him.

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