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Jane Tolerton's Ettie Rout: New Zealand's safer sex pioneer honours an irreverent, heroic figure of the New Zealand World War One story. A safe-sex campaigner ahead of her time.

Ettie Rout fought a battle for safer sex in the First World War — and won.
She gave New Zealand the best sexual health system when its army adopted her prophylactic kit and made every soldier going on leave take one — while she was banned from the pages of the newspapers so New Zealanders wouldn't find out. In Paris, having transformed Madame Yvonne's into a safer sex brothel, she met soldiers at the railway station and convinced them to go there if they chose to have sex.
Armed with a wicked sense of humour, an intolerance of hypocrisy and boundless energy, Ettie Rout proved the case for safer sex decades before the term was coined — and the soldiers loved her for it.
This book celebrates an unlikely heroine of the First World War who is now internationally recognised for waging a successful public health crusade. A woman way ahead of her time.
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'Jane Tolerton's book is a well-written biography of a woman who could sometimes be 'difficult', a revelation of the scope of her achievements, and a significant recounting of a life that would end tragically.' —Manawatu Standard (syndicated)


'What a remarkable, inspiring story this is - about a remarkable and inspiring woman.' —Northern Advocate


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    August 26, 2015


    256 pages

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  • Ettie Rout: New Zealand's safer sex pioneer
    Jane Tolerton



    August 26, 2015

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