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From award-winning children's book author, Morris Gleitzman, comes a funny and moving story about a 14-year-old Australian soccer genius and his 10-year-old sister/manager who change the face of English Premier League football. Perfect for readers 9+ years.

When 13-year-old Matt is discovered impressing the livestock in an Aussie country town with his remarkable soccer skills, he's offered the chance of a lifetime – a try-out at one of Europe's biggest and most glamorous soccer clubs. His younger sister Bridie goes with him as his manager and tells us their story – warts, goals and all.

The funny and moving story of a sister's love for her brother, and how it survives everything fate throws at it, including the millions of pounds and mountains of pressure at the top of the world's most popular sport.

A funny and moving story from one of Australian's most entertaining authors.

'He is one of the finest examples of a writer who can make humour stem from the things that really matter in life.' The Guardian, UK

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Awards and Recognition

  • REAL Children's Choice Awards
    Younger Readers

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