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Michael Bennett faces a father's worst nightmare in the tenth novel by James Patterson featuring the NYPD detective

You can take Michael Bennett out of New York City, but you can't take the cop out of Michael Bennett.

Detective Michael Bennett is ready for a vacation after a series of crises push him, and his family, to the brink.

He settles on an idyllic small town in the beautiful Maine woods. But just when Bennett thinks he can relax, he gets pulled into a case that has shocked the tight-knit community. Kids are disappearing with no explanation – until several bodies turn up in the woods.

Far from the city streets he knows so well, Bennett is fighting to protect a town, the law, and the family that he loves above all else.

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Chapter 1

I LOOKED DOWN the barrel of my Glock 19 service weapon. Lori Armstrong, a tall detective with long blond hair from the Forty-Third precinct, stood across from me. Hector Nunez, a crimes and missing-persons detective, who looked like he should play linebacker for the Jets, was about to knock on the door.

We were three stories up in the dark, musty, hot hallway of an apartment building off Castle Hill Avenue near the I-278 overpass. I could feel the vibration of every semi that rumbled by.

This was an arrest I needed. I desperately wanted something to occupy my mind and satisfy my sense of justice. Some cops found refuge in their homelife. I found that it worked both ways. Right now, I needed to be at work and get some distance so I could be the man I wanted to be at home. I had to get my mind off my son Brian any way I could.

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