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What would you do if you had to choose? A haunting novel about the power of love and loss - a story that won't quite let you go.


'Just listen,' Adam says with a voice that sounds like shrapnel.' I open my eyes wide now. I sit up as much as I can. And I listen.
'Stay,' he says.

Everybody has to make choices.

Some might break you.

For seventeen-year-old Mia, surrounded by a wonderful family, friends and a gorgeous boyfriend decisions might seem tough, but they're all about a future full of music and love, a future that's brimming with hope.

But life can change in an instant.

A cold February morning . . . a snowy road . . . and suddenly all of Mia's choices are gone. Except one.

As alone as she'll ever be, Mia must make the most difficult choice of all.

Haunting, heartrending and ultimately life-affirming, If I Stay will make you appreciate all that you have, all that you've lost - and all that might be.

Includes interviews with the stars of the film, Chloe Moretz and Jamie Blackley.


This sensitively written story of the power of love and loss presses all the right buttons . . . The intensity of feelings and tragic suddenness with which life changes will strike a chord with teenagers and the young at heart. Read it, as they say, and weep

Daily Mail

This is a wonderful, beautiful book; so gripping, so wise and oh, so heart-breakingly painful

A compulsive read

This is a haunting and heartbreaking novel reminiscent of The Lovely Bones . . . Impossible to put down


For the first few pages, If I Stay comes across like a light hearted story about a teenager, her love life and her kooky family, but from the moment Forman hits you with the devastatingly detached description of the aftermath of the crash, you know you've picked up something special

The Bookbag

It reminded me very much of The Lovely Bones. I found it uplifting and satisfying

You really care about the characters and it makes you question what you would do in the same circumstances. My heart was in my mouth at the end of it

Beneath this dramatic storyline, which will resonate with older teen readers, Gayle Forman cleverly explores the fragility and uncertainty of life. She does so in an emotive and thoughtful manner that will persuade even the most cynical reader of the importance of friendship, family and love

Waterstone's Books Quarterly

The author endows the narrative with as much humor as poignancy and lays bare the challenges Mia has encountered in each of her relationships as well as the breakthroughs, leaving readers in suspense until the final bars


Intensely moving, the novel will force readers to take stock of their lives and the people and things that make them worth living

Publishers Weekly (US)

Forman excels at inserting tiny but powerful details throughout . . . which will draw readers into this masterful text and undoubtedly tug at even the toughest of heartstrings

Kirkus (US)

This cleverly constructed novel will have, deservedly, widespread popular appeal, especially, perhaps, with young female readership

School Librarian

A beautifully written book with moments of real sadness, hope, laughter, tragedy and joy, which make you appreciate all the little things you love, as your eyes brim with tears

Booktrust online

A beautifully-crafted, heart-breaking look at love and loss

Western Daily Press

Another must is If I Stay by Gayle Foreman, which deals with deep, universal emotions and unpicks the truth about moving on after unspeakable loss - a fresh and compelling piece of work

Irish Independent

A heartbreaking and beautifully written novel that should be a must-read for everyone. I doubt anyone who reads this will get to the end dry-eyed. Stock up the tissues!

So Little Time for Books

If I Stay makes you appreciate what you have, all that you've lost and all that might be


A beautifully written book with moments of real sadness, hope and joy

Sainsbury's Magazine

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