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Teenager Jake Bailey's inspirational account of overcoming cancer.

‘None of us get out of life alive, so be gallant, be great, be gracious, and be grateful for the opportunities you have.’

Jake Bailey’s inspirational end-of-year speech as head boy at Christchurch Boys’ High School was delivered from a wheelchair just one week after he was diagnosed with the most aggressive of cancers. As he lay in hospital fighting to stay alive, his speech grabbed headlines around the world.

Jake’s cancer, and that speech, became the start of a bigger journey that continues today. In this remarkably honest account of his illness, treatment and recovery, Jake shares all that the experience has taught him. His book is an uplifting call to action for people of all ages.


If you know someone with cancer, this will hopefully help with understanding what they are experiencing.

Hamish Barwick, Gisborne Herald

This is an authentic, incredibly honest and enriching account of a journey which could so easily have had a very different outcome.

Ruth Brown, NZ Doctor

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Before any of this happened, I was just a very normal teenager. Okay, I was head boy — or senior monitor as it’s known at my school Christchurch Boys’ High School — but I still did all the things that a normal teenage boy would do.

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