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Little Kiwi is SO tired. Where can he find a quiet place to sleep? A delightful bedtime adventure in Bob Darroch's bestselling Little Kiwi series

Little Kiwi can't sleep — Little Sister keeps kicking and Dad is snoring! Little Kiwi decides to find himself a better nest. It's too lonesome by himself so Little Kiwi joins Kaka — but the Kaka chicks are far too noisy. The Keas' mountain nest is too cold, Morepork's is too high, Blue Duck's is too damp and Little Kiwi can't even squeeze into Fantail's tiny nest.

Will Little Kiwi ever find the perfect place to rest?


The ideal bedtime story

Little Treasures Magazine

Fifteen years of Little Kiwi books are marked with this title. Poor Little Kiwi can't sleep. Dad's snoring and Little Sister's kicking, surely there's somewhere better to get some shuteye? However, it's a rowdy neighbourhood: the little kaka are tumbling and wrestling, it's cold in the mountains with the kea cousins, morepork's nest is too high up . . . suddenly home doesn't seem so bad after all. Short and sweet and another winner.

Helen Speirs, Otago Daily Times

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  • Paperback


    February 29, 2016


    24 pages

    RRP $18.99

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