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When Lizzy is called into the principal's office to explain why she was seen burning an effigy of him, she suspects - and expects - the worst. Really, she's just misunderstood.

When Lizzy is called into the principal's office to explain the burning of his effigy, it looks like her time at school is over. And it is. From now on she'll be home-schooled in the dining room, which her mother has set up like a classroom. No friends, no playground, and nothing BUT homework. And the worst thing is, it's all just been one big misunderstanding.

When Lizzy agrees to help her neighbour Miss Clancy at the local op-shop as a kind of excursion, she begins to make the kinds of friends she might never have expected to make. Old people, young people, homeless people, all fractured and wounded. And all misunderstood. As she endeavours to get to know them, Lizzy learns that each of them has a unique and surprising story.

Miss Clancy has always been misunderstood as well. When she was a young girl of fifteen, she had a child, who was raised as her sister. And now her sister/daughter is dying, and Miss Clancy needs to tell her the truth. Or does she? Can any good come of that conversation? Would it be easier if she just let things lie? Can silences be lies?

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  • Paperback


    September 3, 2012

    Woolshed Press

    288 pages

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    September 1, 2012

    RHA eBooks Child

    288 pages

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