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A vote for Piggins is a vote for cake!

In this riveting eighth instalment of Nanny Piggins’ adventures, she sets out to thwart Mr Green’s political ambitions by running for mayor herself. Her mission – to proudly fight for Liberty, Equality and Cake! Is democracy safe? Probably not. Will Nanny Piggins give everyone in the electorate diabetes from too much cake? Most likely. And along the way tremendous adventure abounds. Taking part in a diabolical fun run, being trapped in a sabotaged lift, faking seismic activity,
safeguarding the local vacant lot and beating the world pole vault record is just the beginning.


Mary Poppins, move over - or get shoved out o the way. Nanny Piggins has arrived...Stuffing adjectives into this review is as easy as watching Nanny Piggins stuff pies into her mouth. This is smart, sly, funny, and marvelously illlustrated with drawings that capture Nanny's sheer pigginess. Readers may worry that this first novel is full of so many stories about Nanny Piggins there won't be enough left for sequels. Never fear. The last line of the book predicts Nanny will be stirring up more adventures, "possibly even before breakfast.


Formats & editions

  • Paperback


    March 19, 2013

    Random House Australia Children's

    304 pages

    RRP $19.99

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  • EBook


    March 19, 2013

    RHA eBooks Child

    304 pages

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