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An outstanding cookery app from the exceptional Nigella Lawson

An outstanding cookery app from the exceptional Nigella Lawson, the Nigella Quick Collection brings you a fantastic new way to cook, using your iPhone and iPod Touch. By bringing together exclusive recipes, video and audio alongside unique features and cutting edge technology this app is designed to make your busy life easier, and to bring you inspiration and advice from Nigella wherever you are.

The ability to add your own notes by text or voice; browse and search according to how you’re feeling or what’s in your fridge; voice control (keeps sticky fingers away from your device); send dinner invitations to friends using Facebook Connect or email - these are just some of the invaluable functions that will revolutionise your approach to cooking. All the recipes that you’ll find in the Quick Collection are Express-style easy and presented in just six steps or under, giving you the wherewithal to make super-quick weekday suppers, last minute dinners for friends, baking that takes no time, and even fun food for your children.

Having this app in your pocket enables you to browse, plan and shop for your meals quickly and easily if you’re out and about or just in need of last minute help. Beautifully designed and produced, Nigella Quick Collection is an essential piece of kitchen kit for those short on time but big on taste. Bon app-étit!

Produced by Chatto & Windus and Random House Digital Developed by AKQA and now available in the iTunes store.

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