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About the book
  • Published: 1 June 2004
  • ISBN: 9781590301043
  • Imprint: Shambhala
  • Format: Trade Paperback

Nourishing The Essence Of Life

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The Outer, Inner, and Secret Teachings of Taoism

Living in harmony with the natural world and cultivating the virtues of simplicity, honor, integrity, and respect for all things form the foundation of Taoist spirituality. In this book, Eva Wong presents and explains three classic texts that represent the three traditional levels of the Taoist teachings- Outer, Inner, and Secret. The Outer teachings are concerned with understanding the Tao as manifested in nature and society. The Inner teachings familiarize the practitioner with the energetic structure of the human body and introduce methods of stilling the mind and cultivating internal energy for health and longevity. The Secret teachings describe the highest level of internal- alchemical trans- formations within the body and mind for attaining immortality. The three texts that Wong has translated here provide a fine overview of these spiritual teachings.
Two of the texts presented in this book- UNDERSTANDING THE MYSTERIES and THE SACRED TREATISE OF THE GREAT MYSTERIES- are from the teachings of Southern Complete Reality Taoism, a school whose teachings are little known among the noninitiates of internal- alchemical Taoism.

  • Pub date: 1 June 2004
  • ISBN: 9781590301043
  • Imprint: Shambhala
  • Format: Trade Paperback

About the Author

Eva Wong

Eva Wong is an independent scholar and a practitioner of the Taoist arts of the Pre- celestial Way and Complete Reality lineages. She has written and translated many books on Taoism and related topics, including A MASTER COURSE IN FENG SHUI; TALES OF THE TAOIST IMMORTALS; THE TAO OF HEALTH, LONGEVITY, & IMMORTALITY, and THE SHAMBHALA GUIDE TA TAOISM.

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