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  • Published: 5 April 2018
  • ISBN: 9781473521940
  • Imprint: Vintage Digital
  • Format: EBook
  • Pages: 352

Our Place

Can We Save Britain's Wildlife Before It Is Too Late?

A radical examination of Britain's relationship with the land, by one of our greatest nature writers.

'Essential reading for anybody who cares about the future' Henry Marsh, *New Statesman Books of the Year*

A radical examination of Britain's relationship with the land by one of our greatest nature writers.


The British love their countryside more than almost any other nation, yet they live in one of the most denatured landscapes on Earth. From the flatlands of Norfolk to the tundra-like expanse of the Flow Country in northern Scotland, Mark Cocker sets out on a personal quest through the British countryside attempting to solve this puzzle. Radical, provocative and original, Our Place tackles some of the central issues of our time whilst mapping out a future in which this overcrowded island of ours could be a place fit not just for human occupants but also for its billions of wild citizens.

'A tour de force. By turns hopeful, melancholy, humorous and heartfelt' BBC Wildlife Book of the Month

  • Published: 5 April 2018
  • ISBN: 9781473521940
  • Imprint: Vintage Digital
  • Format: EBook
  • Pages: 352

About the author

Mark Cocker

Mark Cocker is an author, naturalist and environmental activist whose eleven books include works of biography, history, literary criticism and memoir. His book Crow Country was shortlisted for the Samuel Johnson Prize in 2008 and won the New Angle Prize for Literature in 2009. With the photographer David Tipling he published Birds andPeople in 2013, a massive survey described by the Times Literary Supplement as ‘a major literary event as well as an ornithological one’. Our Place: Can We Save Britain's Wildlife Before It Is Too Late?, was described by the Sunday Times as 'impassioned, expert and always beautifully written... a sobering and magnificent work'. His most recent book, A Claxton Diary, won the East Anglia Book Award in 2019.

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Praise for Our Place

Essential reading for anybody who cares about the future.

Henry Marsh, New Statesman **Books of the year**

A seriously great book, important and urgent… As soon as I finished Our Place, I packaged up my copy and sent it off to Michael Gove… this is the kind of book that demands action.

Alex Preston, Guardian

Best known as one of our foremost nature writers, Mark Cocker spent several years researching this tour de force… stuffed with eye-opening statistics… by turns hopeful, melancholy and humorous… [Our Place] is heartfelt.

Ben Hoare, BBC Wildlife **Book of the Month**

Thunderingly necessary… Cocker on this kind of form – eloquent, practical, dogged and wise – is the sort of dynamic chivvying force [conservation] will always need… the book he’s written – however measured, equable and intelligent – is a call for revolution.

Richard Smyth, New Statesman

Impassioned, expert and always beautifully writtenOur Place is a sobering and magnificent work.

Christopher Hart, Sunday Times

It is easy to be angry about environmental destruction; easy to demand change without hope but in this potent, elegant and influencing telling of the story of what we have done to England's wildlife, Mark Cocker archives something more: a reasoned tone in a radical cause. If you care about our country, read it.

Julian Glover, Evening Standard **Books of the Year**

What a relief it is to have this subject explored without the usual diatribes and righteous hysteria. Cocker’s quiet tone carries great authority and… [Our Place] deserves to command respect and wide attention.

Tom Fort, Literary Review

A fierce polemic by an eminent ornithologist about Britain’s denuded natural habitat.

Sunday Times **Must Reads**

FascinatingOur Place is a brave book... It will undoubtedly ruffle what few figurative feathers we have left.

Katharine Norbury, Caught by the River

A new book by Mark Cocker is a major event, and [Our Place] is no exception… Cocker has always been brilliant at considering our relationship with nature… You can come away from it feeling that something can be done, that we can save Britain’s wildlife, if only there is the will to turn well-meaning generalities into action. The clock is ticking.

Matt Merritt and John Miles, Bird Watching

A superb new book by the naturalist Mark Cocker that is fast becoming highly influential… The environment secretary is telling friends he found it ‘powerfully persuasive’.

Ian Birrell, iNews

I kept thinking of the raw power of Mark Cocker’s astonishing Our Place, which was brilliant because it was so particular and familiar in the natural world it anatomised.

Alex Preston, Observer

An artful mix of lyrical writing and assured analysis that amounts to a quiet manifesto for action.

Pilita Clark, Financial Times

More urgent than any of Cocker’s previous writing… This resourceful and eloquent book could prove to be important.

Richard Kerridge, Guardian

This is the best book on the state of nature since George Monbiot’s Feral and deserves to be read just as widely… a very good read.

Mark Avery

Devastatingly perceptive.

Herald Scotland

This book contains some exquisite writing about nature, but it is always powerfully and insistently ground in “its cause” … A radical polemic in the tradition of Hazlitt and Cobbett

The Week

This is a clarion call to the country’


A new book by Mark Cocker is a major event and his latest is a work of sweeping ambition

UK Press Syndication

Important… ambitious… [Cocker] is a superb writer

Michael McCarthy, Resurgence & Ecologist

A compelling history of nature conservation and why it matters, it is worth your time

Land & Business

Our Place… is a work of serious and sustained advocacy – passionate and committed… elements are fused in the writing, along with many apparent digressions and asides, in a way that gives the book a richly textured feel… the argument advances on several fronts simultaneously and in more than one dimension, in a complex literary ecology matching his subject.

Jeremy Mynott, Times Literary Supplement

Mark Cocker… writes with superb understanding

Patrick Barkham, Guardian, **Books of the Year**

A lyrical and intensely personal account… an excellent and important book… a wake-up call to us all.

Rebecca Armstrong, Birdwatch, **Birders' Choice Awards 2018, Book of the Year**

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