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  • Published: 6 September 2018
  • ISBN: 9781473553903
  • Imprint: Cornerstone Digital
  • Format: Audio Download
  • Length: 9 hr 9 min
  • RRP: $38.00

Paris Echo

The new novel from the bestselling author of BIRDSONG and WHERE MY HEART USED TO BEAT.

Random House presents the audiobook edition of Paris Echo by Sebastian Faulks, read by Elham Ehsas and Deborah McBride.

Here is Paris as you have never seen it before – a city in which every building seems to hold the echo of an unacknowledged past, the shadows of Vichy and Algeria.

American postdoctoral researcher Hannah and runaway Moroccan teenager Tariq have little in common, yet both are susceptible to the daylight ghosts of Paris. Hannah listens to the extraordinary witness of women who were present under the German Occupation; in her desire to understand their lives and through them her own, she finds a city bursting with clues and connections. Out in the migrant suburbs, Tariq is searching for a mother he barely knew. For him in his innocence each boulevard, Métro station and street corner is a source of surprise.

In this urgent and deeply moving novel, Faulks deals with questions of empire, grievance and identity. With great originality and a dark humour, Paris Echo asks how much we really need to know if we are to live a valuable life.

‘Faulks is beyond doubt a master’ Financial Times

‘Faulks captures the voice of a century’ Sunday Times‘The most impressive novelist of his generation’ Sunday Telegraph

  • Published: 6 September 2018
  • ISBN: 9781473553903
  • Imprint: Cornerstone Digital
  • Format: Audio Download
  • Length: 9 hr 9 min
  • RRP: $38.00

About the author

Sebastian Faulks

Sebastian Faulks was born in April 1953. Before becoming a full-time writer in 1991, he worked as a journalist. Sebastian Faulks’s books include A Possible Life, Human Traces, On Green Dolphin Street, Engleby, Birdsong,A Week in December and Where My Heart Used to Beat.

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Praise for Paris Echo

Superb... weaves winningly between the present and the second world war, between Tangiers and Paris.

Alex Preston, Observer

‘[Paris Echo is] brimming with Faulks’s deep affection for Paris. His outsider’s interest in quirky street names and quaint corners transports his readers there too. And in the end, the book is powered by his ambition to evoke that place, its ghostliness, those spectres of history, lurking around every beautiful avenue


A brilliantly plotted and occasionally hallucinatory novel, in which the author's genius for literary ventriloquism is shown off to startling effect.

New Statesman

Paris Echo doesn’t disappoint… Faulks is doing what he does best, marrying careful historical research with a good ear for dialogue

Melissa Katsoulis, The Times

[An] exquisite book... a deeply affecting, wholly unsolemn treatment of some of the 20th century's darkest moments.

Daily Mail

The prowess of his storytelling makes him a graceful guide through "the great world of the past"... Cunningly crafted, Faulks's fictional bridge between the French past and present has its sentimental side.

Financial Times

There is humour and humanity in this bold, perceptive novel.

Daily Express

Both thoughtful and thought-provoking with memorable characters and a profound sense of the past in the present

Hannah Beckerman, S Magazine, Sunday Express

Here is Paris in all its beauty and squalor, its blood-stained history and its ability to instil in its lover a sense of the true sweetness of life. So this intelligent, moving, often disturbing novel is also really a love letter to Paris and indeed to France.

The Scotsman

There is much to learn from Paris Echo about the city’s complex identity, and about the way we view the past.

Sunday Times

Faulks is a fine descriptive writer and evokes Paris splendidly

Daily Telegraph

Paris Echo is an enjoyable and highly readable novel. Faulks has an easy-going style and he draws you seemingly without effort into the world he creates. He has a knowing humour too…In part the novel is a love letter to Paris, but it is also the latest product of Faulk’s long-standing and fascinating engagement with the devastating events of the 20th century.

Literary Review

This intelligent, moving, often disturbing novel is also really a love letter to Paris – and, indeed, to France

i paper

Faulks excels at creating well-rounded characters.

Good Housekeeping

An intriguing guide to the many layers of Parisien life.

Anthony Gardner, Mail on Sunday

Master storytelling... [An] intriguing and moving story that shows how the future is shaped by the past.

Women & Home


The Spectator

A lovely novel by a writer who lives and breathes France

Saga Magazine

Another terrific, intelligent read from Faulks

Reader's Digest

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