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About the book
  • Published: 20 August 2019
  • ISBN: 9781760895273
  • Imprint: Penguin
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 368
  • RRP: $26.00

Silver Sparrow

From the winner of The Women's Prize winner and New York Times Bestseller An American Marriage.

With the opening line of Silver Sparrow, "My father, James Witherspoon, is a bigamist," author Tayari Jones unveils a breathtaking story about a man's deception, a family's complicity, and the two teenage girls caught in the middle.

Set in a middle-class neighborhood in Atlanta in the 1980s, the novel revolves around James Witherspoon's two families—the public one and the secret one. When the daughters from each family meet and form a friendship, only one of them knows they are sisters. It is a relationship destined to explode.

  • Pub date: 20 August 2019
  • ISBN: 9781760895273
  • Imprint: Penguin
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 368
  • RRP: $26.00

About the Author

Tayari Jones

Tayari Jones is the author of four novels, including The Women's Prize winner An American Marriage, Silver Sparrow, The Untelling, and Leaving Atlanta. Jones holds degrees from Spelman College, Arizona State University, and the University of Iowa. She serves on the MFA faculty at Rutgers and blogs on writing at www.tayarijones.com/blog. She lives in Brooklyn.

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Praise for Silver Sparrow

“It’s an amazing, amazing read.”

Jennifer Weiner, NBC’s Today

“In Silver Sparrow—an amazing novel about a man with two families, one hidden and one public—Jones does something breathtaking and difficult: She renders a unique family dynamic with such precision and sensitivity that it becomes universal. It is amazing to watch, time and time again in this book, how Jones reveals the ways in which family both creates and destroys our identity.”

Kevin Wilson, Salon

“A love story . . . Full of perverse wisdom and proud joy . . . Jones’s skill for wry understatement never wavers.”

Oprah Magazine

“Charting a vast emotional unknown is Tayari Jones’s compelling third novel, Silver Sparrow, in which a teenage girl’s coming of age in 1980s Atlanta is shadowed by her dawning understanding of a corrosive secret — her father’s second family.”


“Silver Sparrow will break your heart before you even know it. Tayari Jones has written a novel filled with characters I’ll never forget. This is a book I’ll read more than once.”

Judy Blume

“The most immersive novel I read in 2011 . . . It’s one of those ‘just one more chapter’ kinds of books that require much last-minute changing of plans, because real life feels far less amusing, appalling, shocking, and loving than the world of its characters.”


“An exciting read all the way through.”

Chicago Tribune

““Tayari Jones has taken Atlanta for her literary terroir, and like many of our finest novelists, she gives readers a sense of place in a deeply observed way. But more than that, Jones has created in her main characters tour guides of that region: honest, hurt, observant and compelling young women whose voices cannot be ignored . . . Impossible to put down until you find out how these sisters will discover their own versions of family.””

Los Angeles Times

““Sharp as a blade, gleaming with ‘sense’ and humor. Her themes of legitimacy and secrets play out with symphonic, seemingly effortless resonance, and her indelible characters—one daughter a secret, discovered by the other—redefine love, loyalty, and betrayal in a New South only generations removed from slavery’s fracture. Jones is a master, and Silver Sparrow is a revelation, alive with meaning, heartbreak, and hope.””

Jayne Anne Phillips

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