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  • Published: 29 September 2016
  • ISBN: 9780753551929
  • Imprint: Virgin Digital
  • Format: EBook
  • Pages: 240

The Cheat Code

The Secret Tweaks, Hacks and Tips to Get Noticed and Get Ahead

Discover the tiny tweaks you can make to achieve big results

Have you ever noticed that there are certain people who seem to move up just a bit faster than everyone else? Those rare people who are always a bit ahead of the curve, get noticed a bit more, and achieve their goals a bit more quickly than the rest of us? And have you ever noticed how much this small edge makes a massive difference to the trajectory of their careers?

24-year-old entrepreneur Brian Wong is one of these people, having graduated from college by age 18, having raised $24 million in venture capital to start his own company before he turned 25, and having grown that company into a global mobile advertising giant in just 4 years. His secret? The Cheat Code.

Wong believes that most people -- even creative people -- have a tendency to follow a script; to do things the way others do them simply because that way works. But therein lies the secret at the heart of the Cheat Code:

Anyone can easily shortcut his or her way to success, simply by going slightly off script; by doing things just a little differently from everyone else.

Here, Wong unlocks the power of the Cheat Code through 71 bite-sized and virtually effortless short-cuts you can use to get a leg up on the competition, get noticed, and accelerate your success. For example:

Cheat #7: Don't Ask – AnnounceCheat #16: Know Your Superpower!Cheat #32: Make Boldness Your Genius Cheat #47: Know Who's the BossCheat #55: Focus on What Won't ChangeCheat #71: Imagine, What If?

No matter where you aspire to go in your life or career, THE CHEAT CODE will help get you there - faster.

  • Published: 29 September 2016
  • ISBN: 9780753551929
  • Imprint: Virgin Digital
  • Format: EBook
  • Pages: 240

About the author

Brian Wong

Brian Wong is the young co-founder and CEO of KIIP, a category-creating mobile rewards network. He graduated college at 18 and is one of the youngest people ever to receive venture capital funding at 19. Brian has been listed on many prestigious business leader lists such as Forbes' 30 under 30 three times; the Top 20 Under 20 awards for all of Canada; Business Insider's Top 25 Under 25 in Silicon Valley and 18 Most Important People in Mobile Advertising; Mashable's Top 5 Entrepreneurs to Watch; and the AdAge Creativity Top 50.

Praise for The Cheat Code

There's a lot of advice out there about how to get attention for yourself and your ideas, but this is the best one I know of that offers such simple tools for cutting through all the noise to stand out from the pack. In The CHEAT CODE, Brian Wong inspires us to be bold, be a trailblazer, and above all, be ourselves. I cannot think of any better advice for anyone looking to authentically rise above the rest.

Daymond John, FUBU founder and author of the New Times bestseller, The Power of Broke

The Cheat Code is an essential tool for those looking to discover a better version of themselves.

Tony Hsieh, NY Times bestselling author of Delivering Happiness and CEO of Zappos.com, Inc.

With The Cheat Code, Brian Wong has created a great resource for anyone looking to make their mark in any industry. With chapters like "Cheat 17: Be a Follower" and "Cheat 49: Get a Trademark Haircut" Brian's managed to combine meaningful, actionable advice with charming and self-effacing style for a truly entertaining read. I can't recommend The Cheat Code enough.

Keith Ferrazzi, author of the #1 NY Times Bestseller Who's Got Your Back and Never Eat Alone

In today’s noisy world, it is essential to stand out from the crowd to generate success quickly. The Cheat Code is just what the title implies: a shortcut to getting a leg up on the competition by helping others see the best and boldest version of you. The tools to accelerate your career and build your unique brand are right here in this book.

Linda Boff, Chief Marketing Officer, General Electric

The Cheat Code is a wonderful collection of creative insights and life-hacks - many of which I use on a daily basis.

Pete Cashmore, Founder and CEO of Mashable

Brian Wong “kiips” his advice simple and engaging. He knows his superpower and shares valuable lessons that will allow you to take off quickly toward a fun filled and empowered life and career. Regardless of your age, stage or level, you will find The Cheat Code worth your time. Really!!!

Julie Washington, Former Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer, Jamba Juice

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